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Getting P*ssed Off & Confused


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Alright well I've tried for days if not weeks by now to make osx work out for me and ive got mixed results but every outcome is the same.


I'm installing (either Jas 10.4.8, or Uphuck 10.4.9 or Kalaway 10.4.10) versions of osx x86, and all installations actually install fine, no problems with the cores but searching endlessly for drivers is just becoming almost too depressing.


I've got a Sony Vaio VGN-FE45G/W notebook, and all I want is to have audio and video acceleration, The video card is an Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 (128mb), I assume since its a laptop its AGP. Neither Titan, or Nvidia Mobility, or that other "T" package works, all give me a black screen after reboot, the rest of the system appears to load but nothing on screen. The mobilty drivers dont give me the black screen, but dont give me any benifit from installing them either so its pointless.


So after at least 30 re-installs in the last 2 days, I'm fed up with running into the same dead ends. I just cannot believe it is this hard to find working drivers, or have it work out for me when its working out for others with the same dam hardware.


Now, given I dont know my way around these .kext things I'm just assuming whoever compiled the packages knows what their doing so its straightforward and simple, somebody tell me right now that its not the packages, but something im not doing right when I try installing these drivers.


Apparently MacVidia's is suppose to work I've seen/heard of countless success stories when people get that installed, suprise suprise when I try to find it, the latest release or any release for that matter is no ware to be found. Their site's been down since however long, and nobodys taken the effort to provide an alternate download link to it.


So all I'm really after is knowing, am I not doing something right when I try installing these things that claim they work with my hardware or am I simply missing the point all together.


Any help would greatly be appreciated since i'm really on a knives edge trying my best to make things work.


My specs are:

Intel Core2 Duo 1.86 Ghz (no issues there, full speed)

100GB Sata Hard Disk (no issues there either, fully supported)

:) Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 (err, you can guess whats wrong there):censored2:

- I honestly dont know what sound card is in this thing, I'd imagine it would be a reltek or sigmatel, but the azaila package don't work (out of all the drivers out there, its the only one that shows a volume icon up top but not put out any sound)


Sorry for such a long post but I'm very persistant with this project and would really like to see it working if at all possible.


Thanks in advance.

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