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Keyboard and mouse support?!?!?!?!?!


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The first time i insered my osx86 disk and booted to it, all i had was keyboar support, i was able to do the install working off of keayboard shortcuts, but when i tried to bood the my HDD the firs time, i got the "b0" error, I have found plenty of people who have told me how to get rid of the b0 error (change the active disk partition), so then when i tryed to boot off of the osx86 disk so i could use the terminal, I didn't have any keyboard OR mouse support. So now i got a copy of a live linux cd (konopix) and I cant find any tips on how to change the active drive from the live linux cd.


ANY help would be greatly appreciated! I know im just 1 step away from having my dell hackontosh.

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Try turning oon the USB Legacy Support on in BIOS.


Use your USB Keyboard with USB Mouse. It will work.


If you want to use your PS2 Keyboard then do the following after installation:


In OSX86:

PS2Keyboard + PS2Mouse = Working

USBKeyboard + USBMouse = Working

PS2Keyboard + USBMouse = Keyboard don't work,,, need to modify /etc/rc file.



Boot OSX with USBKeyboard and USBMouse,

Then Launch Terminal and do the following to modify your /etc/rc

dp="/Volumes/(name-of-OSX-partition)" <--- use quotes, no parentheses

nano "$dp/usr/bin/nano $dp/etc/rc.local"


# Near the end before the "exit" line add the following lines:



kextunload "$kp/ApplePS2Keyboard.kext"

kextload "$kp/ApplePS2Keyboard.kext"


I have ps2 keyboard and USB mouse and i got it working.

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