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Fix Problem of "steel waiting for root davice"


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so i don't have any past with oxs so i try things

and like every one i download

Jas Mac Os X 10.4.8 ESS3


i wanna to install it from the bios boot now i did like every one elas say about

hdd to master and dvd to slave

and i still get to problem of "root davice"


so i took another DVD i connected it on USB

so when the boot up he start every thing and when he start to talk about "root davice"

i took the dvd cd and put it on the DVD connected on USB port

after few min he start to read from CD


and Walla setup of Mac Os X start from bios boot and not from VM


but the littile problem is that when he start and he get on partition install drive

i do not have any option it not recognized the Sata HD or IDE HD


i disable on bios S.M.A.R.T like other said

and do SATA to AHCI


and don't know what to do


so if any one can help it would help and everyone i help with the littile guide Njoy :)

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and i understund the problem


i need to do on bios SATA to AHCI


and then only SATA driver apper on installition


cheers everybody :(


p.s if any chance to install with IDE it will be good to as far i can see this work only on SATA driver..

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Some motherboards have 2 sata controllers and 2 sets of options (in the BIOS) for setting SATA to AHCI, set both to AHCI or try plugging your hard drive into a different sata port. It's always going to be a bit of trial and error so get stuck in.

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