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Toshiba Tecra S2


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Hey All,


I wanted to contribute to the homebrew mac community and let everyone know how it is going so far. So if someone else has a Tecra s2 laying around they want to play with osx86 it is possible!


Tecra S2


Software - JaS.Mac.OS.X.10.4.8.AMD.Intel.SSE2.SSE3.PPF.1.Defiant.diskutil.biker880.ich7-R.patch.Integrated



  • CPU - Pentium M 760 2.0 GHz (Intel PRO/Wireless 2200bg and Chipset Intel 915PM Express)
  • Chipset - North bridge Intel 915PM
  • Chipset - South bridge Intel ICH6M
  • RAM -- 1GB DDR
  • HDD -- 80Gb
  • Display -- 15" TFT SXGA+ (max res 1400 x 1050 / 24-bit / 16.7 million colours)
  • Video card -- NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 -- PCI Express x16 (max res 1920 x 1440 / 24-bit / 16.7 million colours)
  • Audio -- Realtek ALC250 AC’97
  • Modem --Toshiba Software modem
  • Wireless -- Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG or Intel® 2915 ABG PRO/Wireless
  • Bluetooth -- Toshiba Bluetooth v1.2
  • Card Reader - unkown
  • Firewire - Unkown

I have all working except the WiFi (working on with a recently found driver), Bluetooth and Card Reader. I am trying to find some names of the equipement then take it from there.


My work around for the wireless is Belkin USB WLAN 2.0


The fix




Dont install drivers from Belkin, Waste of time.


Installation: It will not load with 10.4.5 due to a missing PCMIA error that halts it on boot.


The installation was wierd. I installed and choose all the drivers I thought were to installed and everything the display was screwed up. It would load up, but not the screen would scroll properly, it would scroll but only the top would move and coming back the bottom only.


I then reinstalled it, removed some more drivers, Choose only Nvida this time and it all worked except sometimes it would boot up and the screen would be upside down, or right or left, sometimes there would be a mouse and sometimes there would not be.


I installed that to the one hardrive and wanted an XP / osX86 dual boot lappy. So I reinstalled it again and it now works fine much better than Vista use to.


However now I am no Battery indicator up the top right hand corner and can not add it as I dont think the mac thinks it is a laptop or something. I might install a widget or something to monitor if that would pick it up.


Wireless - With the Belkin Adaptor it works great, I get the full speed out of my ADSL through it. = )


General Performance is on par with Windows XP, but will see how it goes with further testing.


I have installed Iphoto 6 and it is working, i cant install the latest as you need 10.4.9 min.


PCMIA - I cant test this as I do not have an PCMIA card laying around. I do know that when I went to install 10.4.5 there was a PCMIA error and osX would not load.


Will keept this updated with my progress.

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Bluetooth Just started to work today!!


Here is the info and my testing


Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 1.7.9f12

Hardware Settings:

Marcus Webb’s Computer:


Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio

Firmware Version: 2.1168 (2.1168)

Bluetooth Power: On

Discoverable: Yes

HCI Version: 2 ($2)

HCI Revision: 1168 ($490)

LMP Version: 2 ($2)

LMP Subversion: 1168 ($490)

Device Type (Major): Computer

Device Type (Complete): Desktop Computer

Composite Class Of Device: 1057028 ($102104)

Device Class (Major): 1 ($1)

Device Class (Minor): 1 ($1)

Service Class: 129 ($81)

Requires Authentication: No


Bluetooth File Transfer:

Folder other devices can browse: ~/Public

Requires Authentication: Yes

State: Disabled

Bluetooth File Exchange:

Folder for accepted items: ~/Documents

Requires Authentication: No

When other items are accepted: Ask

When PIM items are accepted: Ask

When receiving items: Prompt for each file

State: Enabled

Devices (Paired, Favorites, etc):



Address: 00-12-37-3a-33-90

Type: Handheld Computer

Services: Bluetooth Serial Port, OBEX Object Push, File Transfer, Audio Gateway, Network Access, Network Access

Paired: Yes

Favorite: Yes

Connected: No

Incoming Serial Ports:

Serial Port 1:

Name: Bluetooth-PDA-Sync

RFCOMM Channel: 3

Requires Authentication: No

Outgoing Serial Ports:

Serial Port 1:


Name: Bluetooth-Modem

RFCOMM Channel: 0

Requires Authentication: No

Serial Port 2:


Name: WINDOWSMOBILE83-Bluetoo-1

RFCOMM Channel: 1

Requires Authentication: No

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