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Supported SLi mobo?


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i have an idea, ive been saving to build up a new pc, and nows the time, but i do play alotta games, and 8series cards arent supported yet/if ever, my idea was, could i use a SLi mobo with 2 different gpus, one 8800GTS for M$ and mabey a 7900GT for osx, would there be any problems in either OS doing that?


Im trying to build somthing thats current, but im having a hard time finding whats new and that works... if you can help me out would be appreciated..


Im looking to end up using


Q6600 and o/c'ing it or a quad core

2x 320gb sata drives

640mb 880 (windows)


im unsure what mobo i can use thats SLi and supported with audio/ethernet ect...


many thanks

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