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OS X x86 install hd detection error


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I'm using the JAS 10.4.8 with the ppf patches. Long story short, I've made a 60gb HFS (id: AF) file system from SPFDISK.

I'm using vmware (workstation 5 mode) to boot off of the JAS image, and I make it all the way to the harddisk selection part (for the OS X installation). I go into Disk utility, and voila this image I've attached shows up. Except it's 128gb, and it's unmounted. I'm not sure why it would recognize my partition (I've selected the correct independent->persistent , use partition choices) as 128 gb. (I have a 190gb NTFS with 78gb free, and this HFS 60gb partition)


Any clues/hints would be immensely appreciated :happymac:.



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