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For some of us attempting to run osx86 we do not have the proper hardware, chipset, hd, so on and so forth. However, i am able to run it in VMWare Exceptionally fast. (i have been dicking around on pearpc for the past 2 months so something like this is really a whole step above) Now, the only problem that i can seem to find with vmware, is that it uses a simulated ethernet card that, go figure, is not compatable with OSX86, or at least a driver has not yet been ported. Now i have been onto the AMD PCNet website and i found a list of drivers for different operating systems such as Windows, OS/2, Unix, Linux etc. I wonder how difficult it would be to create a port of one of these drivers. Another theoretical option would be to have vmware simulate a supported ethernet card. Im not sure if that is even remotely possible, alas i leave it up to the OSX86 community to investigate, test and hopefully port.




I also wonder if it would be possible to run a usb wireless adapter or usb ethernet adapter through vmware....

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