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Just ordered a new OSX86 computer

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Recently my iMac C2D 17" 2GHz X1600 128mb began to feel slow so after looking up which parts that would give me great compatibility I ordered following parts :


Mainboard : Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R

Processor : Intel Quad Core 6600 with Scythe Ninja PLUS Rev. B

RAM : OCZ Gold XTC DDR2 pc6400

Graphic card : 7950GT 256mb (Almost as fast as 8800GTS 320mb and DX10 games won't become a standard in a while so it's useless to get a DX10 card now when they might get slow once the DX10 games are out)

Harddrive : 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA II

DVD-writer : Some random black SATA burner

Case : Antec Sonata III with a 500W PSU and it's supposed to be very quiet

Monitor : Hewlet Packard W2007 20" 1680x1050 with intergrated speakers and it got Brightview






So now my "old" iMac will serve as a media computer connected to my 32" LCD TV :D


Thought I would share this setup if anyone else were in the thoughts of getting a "Hack" :D

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Nice looking system!!


Please be sure to update us as to how well the install goes (as it relates to compatibilty 'out of the box' and then ultimately with all the necessary kext's loaded).


I have been planning on building a system like that for a while now, but just have not pulled the trigger yet. I have my eye on the 22" version of that HP monitor, and I like how it matches the case you chose.


I gotta admit I am torn on mobo, and have been leaning towards the Bad Axe 2. But I also think it would be nice to have an SLI capable board since it does not appear we will have support for the 8600/8800 any time soon.


Anyways - seriously - post some benchmarks after you get it all up and running and let me know how great it is!





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