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Anyone have any info on the thumbstick mouse for the Sony UX series.


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Sony VAIO UX http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores...ductId=11035866


I have tried using the ALPS driver that is available, but it is no good for the VAIO UX and just disables the thumbstick and click buttons. I have also tried Sidetracker, but the driver won't load.


It works after installation, but the thumbstick button is much much to sensitive and tends to drag stuff around whenever I try to move the cursor.


Does anyone know of any current solutions for the thumbstick on the VAIO? It seems to be related to the ALPS touchpad, but the ALPS driver does not work.


Are there any files I can edit to disable to the thumbstick tapping option?


Very much internet love for those who reply.

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