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iwi3945.dmg intstalls networkSelector won't


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Hello all, I'm new to the scene and I jsut installed osX86 v1.4i on my Aspire 5601WLMI DUO 1.6, 100GB 512 that has a intel pro/wireless 3945 card in it. I found a .dmg file on google "iwi3645" and installed the pkg. it then ask's to reboot. so i reboot, (i run a dual OS iwth vista) select my Mac OS X partition and it loads. When i try to extract the networkselector file i get....

a "Last login: Wed Aug 29 14:44:48 on console

/Users/NewVM/Desktop/networkSelector; exit

Welcome to Darwin!

newvms-computer:~ NewVM$ /Users/NewVM/Desktop/networkSelector; exit

Could not get ID for kernel control. 2


[Process completed]"


PLEASE help, and keep in mind im new. Thanks.

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