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10.4.6 jas does not load after complete installation


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Hello everyone this is the first time i am posting it with some hope.

i have installed 10.4.6 jas without any issues however i am using acronis os selector i can see that it identifies my windows xp and unknown os ,when i click on unknown os it loads up the x86 boot and i can see two options there one says windows ntfs and the other below that which is diskos2(this is the 10.4.6)when i select diskos2 and press enter it tries to load it i can see all the texts seem to be displayed on the screen (too fast to read) and next screen wents blank and computer reboots...

what i have tried

1 -v and -x before selecting the partition-did't work

2 Boot using your MacOS X install DVD again. When you reach the installer, choose Utilities=>Terminal. Now type 'cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/Apple\ MacOS\ X/' which copies an AMD and SSE2 patched kernel (the one the installer booted from) over the one on your main system. Reboot.did't work


about my computer


1.processor intel core 2 duo E6300

2.specifications intel® core2 cpu 6300@1.86ghz

3.instructions mmx,sse,sse2,sse3,ssse3,em64t





manufacturer- asustek computer inc.


chipset-intel i945g/gz

bios-american megatrends inc.

graphic interface-PCI-EXPRESS


RAM-DDR2 1024 mb

(these all things verified by CPUID)

display-nvidia 7200gs 256mb pci express


hard disk -160gb sata

i will explain what i did i had only single primary and active partition of 60 gb© on which i have windows xp loaded,i have created a 10gb primary partition using a typical diskmanagement of windows i did not choose to format it either on ntfs or fat.the partition D was created as raw after that i have formatted that 10 gb partition using 10.4.6 install dvd through disk utility erased it in mac journaled installed it by seleting the patch through customise install however in 10.4.6 jas you just have to tick only one option which includes all pathes.everything went fine it prompted to reboot at the end and when i rebooted the acronis os selector identified that unknown operating system and when i click on it the darwin boot loader opens and when i select that partition which was created through disk utility (diskos2)it tries to load it i can see all the texts seem to be displayed on the screen (too fast to read) and next screen wents blank and computer reboots...it seems its loading bunch of files and after loading it it crashes..

i am not sure what is the cause of this problem is it the hardware or the partition where osx is installed is still inactive that is why its not loading it up i dont know what to do..

i am sure that i can get some help about it



please reply

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