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ExpressCard SATA

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I have that 2-port adapter, but without the SeriTek sticker. It works fine for me.

I use it with one SATA-raid enclosure, and one SATA-dual enclosure.

All same manufacture as SeriTek, but not branded with stickers.

The external enclosures are very noisy.

Speed with the expresscard 34 are good! But I cant use external disks for booting. The expresscard slot in the macbook pro does not start until after the grey screen with the apple appears, or with boot camp, after the booting.

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i had leoprad and had one esata card which worked great.

oneday i installed snow leopard, since that my card did not work anymore.

i searched everywhere and bought 4 cards from internet.

no one work.

finaly i bought one from germany and this one works.

i can install snowleopard on harddisk attached to this card, it works, i can format and install again and again it works.

i can boot.

i can cut videos and write directly to the harddisk and the card works.

the card works 12 hours no mistakes, no frozen os.

i have an ssd hd from kingstone.

my snow leopard boots in less than 7 seconds.


the card from germany i found on www.leaf-computer.de it is 1 port esata card calls LCOSBOOTER-1P

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