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So what's my chances of success?

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Hey everyone,

I am new here and waiting on the rest of my parts to come in to build my first hackintosh. Here is my list. I was wanting to know what to be in store for. (problems, or lack-there-of)

  1. C2Duo E4500 & CoolerMaster Hyper TX2
  2. Intel Bad Axe 2 (mwave refurb $99 - came with box, books, & all accessories sealed - even the tin IO backplate. I can't even tell that it is refurbed! YEAH!)
  3. 2x 1GB DDR2 800mhz
  4. HEC 585w power supply
  5. eVGA GeForce 7300GT Pci-x
  6. SONY / NEC AW-Q170A-B2 18x DVD/RW
  7. I already had a Seagate 120GB IDE drive and didn't want to buy a SATA until I knew it would work.
  8. I would like to get wireless, but from the little I've read - that isn't happening right now.
  9. I d'loaded HotIso's 10.4.9 & Uphuck's 10.4.9 1.4ir2 (which one is better?)
  10. How hard is it to do the 10.4.10 patches?
  11. Is there anything software-wise that I am missing to get her up and runnin'?

Thanks for the help, and I will post how it turns out.

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HotIso's release is of the original mac os x disc and the Uphuck one is hacked for intel based pc's so it can be installed on it with included options for installing drivers for various vga cards,sound cards,network drivers and etc.I am using Uphucks r3 of 10.4.9 updated it to 10.4.10 with no problems at all and everything is working perfect for me till now.

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