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BOOTING 2nd time....

Brayden DeVito

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hey guys, FIRST POST!



first of all, this whole osx86 thing is very exciting and i love it.


okay so here is my problem..


I installed JaS 10.4.8, first boot was fine... played around... didnt update or anything... restarted...the apple with the gear loads.... after that, it goes to the blue screen... but no STARTING OSX10 comes up.. it just stays blue.. i've tried waiting hours for it... nothing


erased the partition.


reinstalled JaS 10.4.8 and the first boot is perfect, again..... minus sound, wireless, and resolution..

but these are things I could fix later..


So after the first boot, I was excited.. I followed the steps to update to 10.4.10, then restarted...

after the restart.. same problem!


whats going on guys? :)


I have a Sony Vaio FJ350.

everything on the PC is intel.

1G ram.


i'm confused because the first boot is perfect... but after that.. its like it never existed.





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