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Help...........in Mac OS X?


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Hi! friends

i'm new in this forum & i'm totally new in Mac world. i  hv a dvd of Mac OS X 10.4.8.

i hv used win since ago. so i want to install Mac b'coz i'm impressed by its GUI.

So here is the problem  i hv a Intel PC.

My config is

Pentium 4 2.66

Intel mobo D101GGC

512 MB DDR ram

80 GB SATA HDD from Hitachi

80 GB External HDD



So when i boot from the Mac DVD ( Mac_OS_X_10.4.8_[JaS_AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3...)

an error comes "still waiting for root device"


coz i new i don't know abt this ??

 So plz plz help me. i hv come here with a huge hope.almost i hv wasted 3 days after this.

so plz tell me how can i do this.???????? :wacko::P

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You can't just use a Mac OS X DVD to install the operating system. You need a patched DVD if I'm correct, such as the JaS or uphuck DVDs.


Correct me if I'm wrong, someone.



EDIT: I misread what disk you have (JaS AMD-Intel). This might be a problem with recognizing your hard drive.

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goooood you can't read [so when i boot from the Mac DVD ( Mac_OS_X_10.4.8_[JaS_AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3...)]


he as the MacOsX from jas !!!!!!!




so about your problem

This MB doesn't work with SATA Drives


if you have a ATA drive(if not you need to by a SATA to IDE converter)

you need set dvd as primary master and ATA hdd as secondary master it works.

disable serial and LP1 ports make sure to disable legacy usb

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hi friends

my one problem has been solved

the error "still waiting for root device" has gone

now the mac is started installing but at installer it does not open or run the Disk Utility  so i'm not able to format teh drive as for macosx :D plz help me

i'm very existed to instlall mac :( plz plz ......................... ;) waiting for reply

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its strange that but it´s easily resolved



if you have windows on other disk

download MacDrive from this site http://www.divshare.com/download/635406-792

install it and you now can write and read on your Mac HDD


so to format the disk go to Startmenu->programs->MacDrive7->tools->format and repair mac disks

then on the program click modify ---->then select your disk and format it


in dont know about linux you'll have to google it





so any problemm please email me

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