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File Server feasibility/suggestions?


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My current 'home' file server is an ancient 2U Dell Poweredge 2U running Windows Server 2003. As a Mac convert who is now also running OS X on his mobile phone, I have some interest in also switching the server over to OS X for my next upgrade cycle. Obviously, the Pentium 3 Poweredge would have to go. What is the consensus on the feasibility of using a homemade OS X machine for this purpose?


Functionality I would need:

*Gigabit ethernet

*Reliable SMB filesharing

*USB Printing (my printers do have working OS X drivers)

*VNC/Remote Desktop (server is run headless - no monitor or keyboard)

*Reliable USB or Firewire HDD mounting (server is regularly backed up to a portable HDD)

*Power management & wake-on-LAN (current server has none of this, but I want the new one to be 'greener')


Nice to have:

*RAID 0 or RAID 5

*Firewire 800 support


NOT needed:


*Fancy graphics cards (onboard graphics would be best)


*Cutting-edge processor (although a decent upgrade path would be nice)


Any suggestions for a good, working motherboard with onboard video, gigabit ethernet, SATA? Emphasis on cheap...

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