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Questions on running Apple TV on Intel Macbook


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I have an Intel Macbook I bought about a month ago which I would like to get Apple TV running on to replace my Xbox/XBMC solution which can't play HD content (the Xbox is getting a little past it).


Before I start messing with it i'd like to make sure its possible to do what I want.


1. Use a DVi/mini-DVI/HDMI cable solution to hook up the macbook to a HDMI port on my plasma TV

2. Get 5.1 AC3 audio out of the mini-jack port on the macbook via a mini-jack/RCA cable to the coax port on my amplifier

3. Setup the hacked ATV to see/stream movies and music from my Vista PC, prefably without ITunes.


Is any of this impossible? The biggest stumbling block I think is the AC3 audio, even with the right codecs installed.


Any help appreciated. :)

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