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To some people this may be obsurdly obvious but beleive me when I say this has taken me ALL EFFING DAY to figure out!!!!!!! I even bought a USB 2 card which wasn't cheap to try and solve the problem. But I fixed it and I thought I'd share my knowledge with other people who are having this very easily fixable problem.


Problem: USB ports do not work at all (not even USB 1 - no power going to ports etc...)


Known hardware: Intel chipsets - intel 865PE - DFI boards etc.


Solution............. Goto /System/Library/Extensions/ and then delete the AppleUSBAudio file or what ever its called (you will see it) I've deleted it and can't remember its exact name lol. Obviously this presents a problem if you have a usb audio device, but most people would want usb and built in audio i should imagine. Actually, I deleted everything that had USB in it that I didn't think I needed. But I'm fairly sure this was too much and its just the file I said that will make USB work.



Anyway this is a {censored} post, but I'd like to help people out if they are in the same situation because this is such an easy fix its a joke. Yet I was trying to fix it for like 10 hours and went on IRC channels and all sorts.


Hope it works for other people!



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