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Problem at first MacOS bootup - stop sign displayed


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i´ve installed macos x86 for the first time. after a normal installation process, the

b0 error was displayed. i found a workaround at the osx86project wiki, inserted

the macos dvd and after a reboot without pressing any key macos started

from hard drive.


the silver apple-logo was displayed on screen but there was no hard disk activity.

after a while a little stop sign was displayed in the middle of screen and nothing



i deletet all partitions on hard drive and reinstalled macos - the same as before:

b0 error, booting from dvd to perform a boot from hard drive, stop sign.


my hardware: tyan k8e socket 939 mainboard, various amount of ram (786mb-2gb),

maxtor 40gb ide hard drive, benq dvd burner, athlon64 4000+ processor, onboard

8mb ati graphics card.


i installed from JaS Tiger 10.4.6 dvd.


does anyone have an idea?



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