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Can I have a noobie question answered please?

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Okay, so I have been playing with Homebrew Hackintosh for some time now... but by no means I am good at it.

Some of these small finer details have only occurred to me recently as I am wanting to build a fully working Hackintosh.

and by Fully working... I mean fully working...


So, I have serveral Hackintoshes going and my questions are,

Under about this mac window, my RAM speed is displayed as 133Mhz / 333Mhz etc etc (On different computers, of course)

Does that actually mean anything? Is my RAM running slower than it should?


Also, a slightly off topic question is...

I am dual booting with vista, but obviously the clock doesnt have the same time... Is there a fix for Hackintoshes?

Cos if I remember correctly, real macs have that same problem too.


Many thanks in advance!

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