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I need to format and reinstall Windows partition


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if u have experience with linux its no problem to do it this way:


1. Download Ubuntu image from www.ubuntu.org


2. boot from CD


3. get in an usb stick


4. select resolution and language


5. when booted DONT PRESS INSTALL(it installs the distribution) go to Applications > System > terminal


5. type sudo dd if=/dev/hda of=/media/NAMEOFURUSBSTICK/mbrbackup.img bs=512 count=1 (hda is your first ide hd if it is ur second use /dev/hdb, if it is an sata hd use sda ,sdb , sdc...; NAMEOFURUSBSTICK is the name of the USBStick which is shown on desktop)


dont continue if the terminal shows :


0+0 Data in

0+0 data out


or similar...


6. install windows


7. when completed boot from cd again


8. open terminal again.


9.type dd if=/media/NAMEOFURUSBSTICK/mbrbackup.img of=/dev/hda bs=512 count=1 (same as in 5. but reverted


if i am wrong anywhere or if u can do it in osx too(what i dont know...) plz correct me any1


THIS WORKED FOR ME VERY OFTEN and i got triple boot vista linux XP working... i could install xp last and i could recover it :(

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Your method is to make a backup of the darwin boot? It is not a bad idea but i dont have experience with linux ;)


I think that i will buy a new HD and i will have one for each OS


You'd rather spend the money on a second hard drive than follow some very straightforward and well written directions? OK ;)

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I'm not sure I understand what's so difficult about re-installing windows and getting it to continue to dual boot. What method are you using? Is OSX booting first and thus allowing you choose the OS you want. If that's the case, just install windows on the same partition it's on now. It will set that partition as active. Use something like partition magic or acronis disk manager or gparted to set the OSX partition to active. If that's not what you want, please be specific as to what you're trying to accomplish. Thanks.

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