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Root Shell at startup


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EDIT: FIXED...not sure really how though. Lots of tinkering and it was something that did it.



All right. I'm going to try to be as descriptive as possible with what I know.


I replaced AppleSMBIOS.kext with 1.1 for photoshop two restarts before this happened, and is the last drastic change I made. I am not sure if this is because of that or not.


When I start my hackintosh I get the normal grey apple loading screen, and then the sky blue screen, but instead of going any further, it just gives me a shell on the sky blue screen, logged in a "I have no name#". If I type exit I go to root. (root#) I can access all my normal directories with root access via command line.


It also gives me a reference to failure at exit with com.apple.nibindd before the shell prompt. I tried removing this file but then it just hangs on the blue screen with no shell and a loading twirly but I have a mouse, so I returned the file.


If I try to run a disk repair from the install DVD it just gives errors, and "reported error on exit"


Is there any way to get out of or fix this mode? I know my graphics are even running because the shell is at full resolution for my monitor.


Thanks a bunch for any advise.


~ Ben

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