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Partition deleted - it's gone!


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Hello everyone,


I have a dual boot hackintosh, with a boot selector, xp, and osx.


I upgraded to 10.4.10 from 10.4.9 and lost the network drivers.


I wanted to go back, so I figured I'd re-install and just re-import the apps/docs.


So, I booted from JAS 10.4.7 disk, started the install, walked away.


When I came back, the OSX partition had been deleted. (along with the data. yeah, I know... experimental)


Checking with Disk utility, it shows where the partition used to be as empty free space.



Does anyone have any suggestion on how to re-create the partition table for this partition?


I still don't understand why writing files to a partition from a boot cd would kill the partition definition, but it did.


Thanks in advance!

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