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nForce guys, help me out!

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I have what appears to be a perfectly running hackintosh here. Everything seems to run extremely well, my Xbench score is 249. The problem is, after about 30-60 minutes of running the damn thing hangs up. Completely. Can't move the mouse. I seem to remember having similiar problems on my nForce4 setup with OSX ages ago.


Here's what I have:


EVGA nForce 680i Motherboard

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU


nVidia 7900GT

Some Realtek Ethernet card


Here's what I've done:


*Installed Tub 10.4.8 w/ Titan on a PATA drive

-Discovered my onboard Ethernet wasn't working and I couldn't find a functional driver so I threw in an old NIC that I knew to work, Ethernet works great.

-Installed AzaliaAudio pkg, sound works awesome.

-PATA drive was running really slow so I put my DEVID into AppleVIAATA and disk perf increased significantly.

*Installed 10.4.10 update for AMD that I got from TPB.

-System wouldn't startup. Booted into single user mode and replaced my 10.4.8 Extensions (sans dsmos) and mach_kernel.

-System starts up again, says 10.4.10, feels super-snappy.

-Installed iLife '08, VMware Fusion, etc. no problems


I can't figure out why the box crashes at seemingly random times. I can encode media with VisualHub and tax all 4 CPU cores and everything runs great, then it crashes when I'm doing nothing. Don't get it. I tried disabling potentially unsupported CPU features like SpeedStep, Nx (or xD, whatever intel calls it), etc. No luck.


Throw me some ideas.

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Well I didn't get much help, but if anybody digs this up in the search wondering the same thing, here's what I found out.


My lockup problems were with the PATA driver. The 680i PATA is the same as the 650i the AMD nForce 5xx PATA controllers. Unfortunately by putting in the devid into either AppleVIAATA.kext or AppleNForceATA.kext, the system becomes unstable. Disk performance is great but you'll crash eventually. I verified this by removing the kext and using whatever generic kext runs. It's slow, but stable.


Sorry. I switched motherboards.

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