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HP Pavillion DV9590 laptop


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I'm new to this forum and I would be most grateful to anyone who can advise me on the following subject.


I am considering buying an HP Pavillion DV9590 laptop as Apple Macbook Pros are too expensive for my budget.

Plus, I feel that you get more technology for your money with PC hardware.

Despite the fact I am an OSX devotee and use it practically 24/7, I am willing to go PC if I can squeeze OSX into it for running Adobe CS3 as I don't want to have purchase another copy for Windows.


Anyway, I could get a Macbook at a lower spec for the same or similar price, but I begrudge the price increase for lesser a spec, such is the way with Apple though.


If you know of this installation configuration working, or if you are just very knowledgeable about the procedure, could you please guide me in the right direction. I'd love to get the HP and then I can play a wider range of games on it too.


Thanks for reading.

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This will get you on the right track. All of the DV9000's will accept a second drive. A 40GB would be cheap and easy to put OSX on... Just an idea.



Thanks very much for that, it's a great start.

I think I'll be buying the HP DV9590 and it comes installed with 2 160Gb drives, so that's a help.

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