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random colored screens with sound -__-


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hi i've been a pretty huge fan of this project for a few months and finally got the time to actually try it out..but i got a prob:


the image file im using is the 10.4.8 jas ss23 sse3 patched image..sorry but i forgot the exact file name :[


the sys specs are:


Intel Pentium 4 3.2-GHz processor

512 MB DDR memory

Nvidia GeForce FX Go5600

i forgot the motherboard name and make :[

its a hp pavillion zd7000 if that helps


since my of my window startup files became corrupt, and company provided sys restore cd's were corrupt too (werid huh :/), i decided to use that 'dead' laptop for this. i did a native install that required me to reformat the whole hard disk to a hfs+ partion so that i could install the image onto. i installed everything fine: print drivers, video drivers, intel patch, etc. but when i boot up, i get the shiny apple logo screen, but afterwards i would get a screen that varied colors everytime i booted up, but i could hear all the system sounds it makes and the bootup sound..any ideas? btw i also have a ubuntu live cd at my disposial if the need for one arises

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