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[For Sale] Awesome Hackintosh C2Duo, 4Gigs Ram, GF 7900GS


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So I have decided that I am in need of money more than I am in need of my hackintosh. I've got my Powerbook to live on until I can get everything squared away. My machine is listed in my sig and I will post pictures when I get home.


This machine runs like a beast, when running at 2.8ghz it hits 4000 on geekbench2 easily.


AsRock Conroe Mobo


Core2Duo E6400ES (4 megs of lvl 2 cache on each processor)

- Running at 2.43ghz, runs nice and cool at 2.8ghz, probably well over 3.0ghz also


4 Gigs DDR2 667mhz Ram


2 200 Gig Maxtor 7200rpm IDE HD


1 80 Gig Seagate 7200rpm IDE HD


NEC Dual Layer DVD burner


Geforce 7900gs

- Works perfectly with Natit, I love this card


Firewire - Never used it, but it shows up in Profile Manager


Sound - USB - Ethernet all work


20.1 inch Sceptre Naga display - No dead pixels.


All of this sits in a Black Antec Sonata Case - will get pictures.



If someone takes all this they get a FREE Intel mobo (can't remember model, 100% full hackintosh compatible - was my first hackintosh) AND Pentiumd D 2.8ghz!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let the offers roll in!!!


Shipping is paid by the buyer, insurance is recommended but not required, I will not be held accountable for anythign breaking should the buyer not purchase it though.

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