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when u work with pixels (mostly web design), it's pretty straight forward, u cant really change anything. If you get real close to ur LCD, u see very tiny squares, if you have the correct resolution, one square is approximately the size of one actual square pixel. By shrinking size of ur image, it means it's reducing the size of pixels the image contains. Less pixel just doesn't hold as much detal as more pixel does. pixel is the most basic measuring unit in the digital imaging world, it does not get any smaller than a pixel.


but when u work with actual sizes, u can. Decrease actual size (Inches), then increase pixel per inches. If you have a flyer sized 8.5 in x 11 in. with 72 resolution. If you want to make it small er without reducing the quaulity, which really means the amount of the pixel it holds, here what u'd do: simple uncheck the resample image, and key in the desired size. This funtion is also useful for enlarging when u have a relatively high def image by reducing its resolution to what's desired.


hope this helped :>

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