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Can I install osx86 on an i-RAM disk?

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I saw this online and it looked like it would help me out a bit. I was thinking about getting 2 and sticking osx on one and keeping the other one for programs such as logic pro.






It uses DDR as a hard disk through sata.


so can I use it to install osx86?

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I've been thinking about it for a long time...


Even if I don't have the answer about wether or not it's possible (but I think so), I've came to that conclusion:


It's too expensive, and there is a better solution !


You can use a home made RAID 0 SSD.

Check the tests about Raptors vs SSD vs iRam.


2 compact flash Extreme IV x266 of 8gb mounted in raid 0 with SATA II adapters could cost you about 120€ (for 2*4Gb, not 8Gb) on ebay or 200€ in local shops... that's what I'm planing to do in September.


It should rocks our brains out !



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I found a few videos of windows booting up and starting photoshop with all three of them. Theyre all so fast. i think ill try the i-ram out even though the samsung ssd is cool too. i have a bit of ram lying around. i think it should work.... it says it works just like a regular sata hdd even with multiple ones in a raid config. I just wish they supported more that 4gb of DDR.

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