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PC's mobo fan broken? Irritating noise >_<;;


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Hello everyone, I wasnt sure where to post this but as there are many PC-genius' on here I thought I's ask here.

You see my neighbors PC since today has started making a VERY loud and annoying sound, so I opened up the PC and stuck a pencil in every fan (since I knew only a fan could make such a noise) and found the fan that was causing it, it is on the motherboard but it isn't the processor. Not the GPU either since she has a seperate graphics card.


Here are two pictures I have to show what part I mean, the text on it says ASUS:


Image 1




Image 2




It sounds like something is stuck in it but NOTHING at all, I cannot disassemble it somehow from the motherboard since there are like 2 plastic pins which I can press like buttons but with no result. I have even cleaned it with a vacuum (<- I hate that word!) cleaner and still no result.


Does anyone know why this thing suddenly starts making an incredible noise? >_<;;


Thanks in advance everyone!

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