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Atheros/Airport Lockup


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I just upgraded to 10.4.9 (SEE2), and dropped my Atheros minipci card into my laptop and edited the Atheros plist file to pick up on it. After I rebooted the airport icon was there, and it seemed fine.. As soon as I clicked on the airport icon the system locked up completely. The only thing i could do was move the mouse. Every other part of the system was frozen.


The minipci card is a AR5212 chipset, took it out of a Netgear WG311 PCI card (it was just a minipci adapter). It worked in Windows, Linux, etc. with no issues at all.


One time when i clicked the airport icon it brought up the menu, but showed no wireless networks. I clicked "Other" and typed in my network info hoping it would connect, but it said "Unable to connect to [NetworkName]" and then locked up the system as soon as i clicked the airport icon a 2nd time...


I've tried just about everything I could find relating to Atheros wireless on these forums and nothing has worked. Anyone have any ideas? Also, the card is listed as en1, so thats not the issue.


People with the same chipset IDs have had no problems with this, but I seem to be having a lot of issues with it.


It'd be great if someone could help fix this, this is my last problem to fix before it works perfectly.


Edit: Updated to 10.4.10, now the airport icon is gone, profiler doesn't detect, the changed to the plist are still there however. More confused than ever. :)



dv1000 laptop

pentium m 1.6ghz

60gb hd

i915 graphics (GMA900 QE+CI work) @ 1280x768x32

512mb ram

AC97 audio working

orig. had IPW2200BG wireless, but the OSX driver won't do encryption, so I switched to AR5212.

10.4.8 JaS upgraded to 10.4.9 SSE2

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no one has any idea? Still haven't been able to fix this issue.

I've read that 10.4.10 has wireless problems, but those people at least see the Airport icon in the menu bar, that doesn't even show up for me.

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