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Installing question.


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So I got the, "uphuck_10.4.9_universal_dvd_v1.3" file and I burned the ISO.


I stuck it into my PC and restarted my PC and then it came up basically saying, "Press any key to Install Mac OSX86. I press Enter and it does a few things then looks like it restarts the PC and the screen stays black. I let it sit for 30 mins and it was on but the screen stayed black and nothing was going on. Is this normal or is it just not going to load anymore? What's going on?


Also, How do I partition it so I can have both windows and mac??




I'm REALLY interested in this so please help. Thanks!




HP Pavilion a1440n

Intel Pentium D, 2.8Ghz


Other Specs = http://www.dealtime.com/xPF-Hewlett-Packar...enter-a1440n-PC

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Hi Tomm_,


just press the F8 Key and type -v (for verbose) and look for the information, maybe there is going to a kernel panic.


For the partition there are many ways.


1. windows / 2. osx -> look for dual / triple / quad boot howto's !

1. osx / 2. windows


Just go and get Gparted-CD its easy and simple to partition your HDD


Good luck

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