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Computer shuts down on install


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hey all,


im using the uphuck v1.4i boot dvd. i went through that install process perfectly. when it told me to restart my comp i did, but after it gets past the apple screen with the spinning gear, it freezes on the blue screen, and then a few minutes later my computer shuts down


my specs are

compaq presario v4000 laptop

intel pentium m 2.4 ghz

intell graphic media...ill edit this post when i can get the rest


any help is greatly appreciated, thanks


edit: i tried reburnig to a different dvd (speed1x) but i get the blue screen agian. so i reinstalled windows and tried to reinstall uphuck, but i dont even get the disk util screen just crashes on the blue screen after the apple screen


edit: i ran -v and got crash reporter....unable to mout dev/disk0s1

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