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[NEED HELP!] "hd(144,0) Ethernet PXE Client"error


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I have tried to install Mac OS X for a few weeks, but I have not been able to see the install welcome screen yet.


My notebook computer is BENQ Joybook C-10

CPU: Intel Pentium M 705 1.5G (Banias, SSE2 Surppoted, but PAE non-surpported)

BIOS: Insyde BIOS (Recently no modifying tools, the latest version is : http://service.benq.com.cn/UploadFile/Driv...ook5000BIOS.zip)

Mem: 256 DDR

Hardisk: Seagate 120G

COMBO: TEAC DW-224E (DVD-ROM+CD-RW, firmware v1.0A)

NetCard: Intel Pro 100/VE

Wireless Network: Centrino 1st Generation

Mac OS X DVD-ISO: "Jas 10.4.8" & "Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3"


Since my CPU is Banias, just SSE2 surpported but PAE non-surpported, I cannot install Mac OS X on Windows+VMWare. Adding paevm= "TRUE" is useless at all.


So I tried to install Mac OS X via my real COMBO. I borrowed a DVD-RW and use NERO to burn "Jas 10.4.8 Intel/AMD with ppf1 ppf2" & "Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3 Install DVD" ISOs.


No matter I boot from the "Jas 10.4.8" or "Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3", it just dies on the "/com.apple.boot.plist" not found, press F8 , it shows just one option:

"hd(144,0) Ethernet PXE Client" , hit ENTER, just back to "/com.apple.boot.plist" not found


Some people say: turn off the PXE surpport in BIOS......But there is no options to turn off the PXE function in my BIOS.....(That's why I post the link of the latest BIOS)


I feel very upset ....... Does that mean I cannot install Mac OS X on my notebook?



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