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When Apple, at WWDC 07 brought forward John Carmack, to speak about the future of Mac gaming...he mentioned Rage, a game that id was working on, that would see the light of day on the Mac, as well as PC...only thing is...it would happen simultaneously. Few screens were shown, and some spectaclular graphics were seen.


Now, this game, as said by id; is not like the traditional Doom, Wolf, or Quake games from the same company. Instead, it is part shooter/adventure/driving game.


Focusing mostly on a canyon setting not far removed from what you'd associate with Motorsport, the trailer features both traditional first-person shooter action and outdoor off-road buggy racing. "We're obviously moving a little out of the id standard direction for titles here," Carmack says afterwards. "Gameplay wise, it is going to be about 50 percent run-and-gun, as people would sort of expect from us, but we've also got a significant amount of driving action in there. There's also the adventure component to this, where you build up your car and add things to it, so it's a very different type of game."


Furthermore, John Carmack, also talks about the dev tools used in creating this new game. Detail was given to the textures, which were of extremely high resolution, and insane bumpmapping that makes the game feel different in every location.


Article link

In the article, make sure to check out the video also. Great information is given with regards to the game from its developmental stages to how id wanted to change its route in this game from its previous ones.

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