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ATi Mobility Radeon x600

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All right, I've been trying for almost 3 days now, and still it isn't working.

I have a HP Pavilion zd8045, since I had problems with Windows and I only wanted to use my laptop for foto's, video's, music en documents I desited to install Mac OS.

Everything works fine, accept for my videocard, I can't change the resolution (normally 1440*900), now it's 1024*768. I've search, read topics / tutorials, installed many things, changed from 10.4.6 to 7 and to 8, but all without success. I installed Callisto, but as far as I understand you must check you're device-id in dxdiag, but I'm not running on Windows, I don't have Windows on a partition, and I don't feel like installing Windows. So is there an other possibility to change my resolution?


Btw, I'm running currently on 10.4.6.


Thanks in advance,

Regards, Tim

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your device id is 3150


Yeah, I've also figured that out, you can also check that in System Profiler.

But my graphics card is now running on 1440x900x32 thanks to z0rz script :D .


For members who also have problems with this, I've runned z0rz script in single user-mode (keep pressing F8 @ booting and type -s for single user-mode).

First read the instructions in the readme, then when u must use doe.sh, use doesingle.sh instead with the following options: cal3 1440x900x32 1 1.

The complet command would be this: sudo ./doesingle.sh cal3 1440x900x32 1 1.

After rebooting you're screen resolution will still be standing on 1024x768, but when you look @ Sytem Preferences > Displays you'll see the available resolutions, on of them is 1440x900 :rolleyes: .


This topic can be locked :P .


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