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Booting Problem


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Edit: Sorry for being a nub, I put it in the wrong forum :/

Please move it to post-installation discussion!


Ok, I'll try to give you all the info that I can.

Motherboard: Dell Dimension 4700 Default

CPU: Intel 3.0ghz single core

Memory: 1.5gb, 2x256 1x512

Hard Drives: 2x SATA

Default OS: Windows XP Pro

Boot Manager: BootMagic

Video Card: ATI Radeon X800


Ok, I have sucessfully installed OSx86 on a spare partition (w00t).

Now, whenever I try to boot it from the boot manager It gets the grey screen with the little loading thing, then after it is done loading the thing dissappears and then the screen stays grey, indefinately. What should I do?

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It could be any of dozens of problems. Your first step is to hit F8 when it starts booting to get to the boot menu screen. Enter -v to boot in verbose mode. This will show every step of the boot process, and will show where and why it stops. Then we can proceed.

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