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Patchstick: Where the heck is /etc?!


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I was making some mods to my patchstick, so it would write /etc/rc.local for me, when I noticed it wasn't working. No matter what I try, it says it successfully write the file, yet it's not there. I got to looking, and it seems like the actual /etc that you see after the unit is booted isn't there when it's booted from the patchstick. To prove this, set the patchstick to do an ls -R and write the results to a file on the second partition. It shows that /OSBoot/etc is a symlink to private/etc, and it shows that private is a symlink to ./mnt/Scratch/private. BUT, when you look at the contents of /OSBoot/mnt/Scratch/private/etc, it's nothing but /etc (i.e. the patchstick's etc directory). The only other etc I find is in /OSBoot/SeedScratch/private/etc, but nothing I write there shows up in /etc after reboot.


So, it seems that I am unable to write anything to the internal HD's /etc directory when booting from a patchstick, cuz I can't find the danged directory.


Can anyone shed any light on this?




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