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Kernel Panic Woes with system build


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hey guys,


long time forum reader - first time posting. After reading all the threads regarding building a hackintosh.


Here are my system specs:


- Intel Badaxe 2 Motherboard

- 4GB cosair 4-4-4-12

- 7900gtx flashed (aqua-mac quardo flash)

- E6600 proc

- 74gb raptor

- 500gb storage


- I followed directions regarding the badaxe build here. I used the JAS 10.4.8 PPF 1+2 then proceeded in upgraded to JAS 10.4.9. I used the Patcher to get my sound working.


So far so good. I updated iTunes to 7.4.3 and just downloaded some programs to test.


This is where my problems started.


I'm getting random kernel panics. Programs would crash randomly and I cant multitask with the program crashing or getting the "shutdown error"


I have been researching and it seemed it started when I loaded the sigmatel audio driver. People told me to download the latest daemonES kernel.


I checked my current kernel after the 10.4.9 upgrade it was 8.9.1 -> so I proceeded to the 8.8.1 daemonES


Now, it's completely unstable. I was just on youtube and I get shutdown messages and etc.I did repair my permissions and etc...


I'm wondering if anyone else has these problems.


btw - I did load the latest bad axe 2 firmware, nothing is overclocked.


Thanks Guys!

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Ron, did you follow gdog's tutorial for Bad Axe 2 boards? If you take your time and follow his instructions to the letter, your system will work. He even provides links to the files you'll need to make things easier. His is one of the best and most inclusive tutorials on this forum. Good luck.


edit: Sorry, I forgot to include the link: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=46317

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