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OSX86 doesn't load on startup.


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Hello giant community!

I feel like an ant in this huge genius community for bringing such a wonderful software to the masses but I hope I can fit in. I'm usually not just a ask-and-go person ;)

And I installed the JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 which I got from Demon :) . (Everyone seems to not finish the last three letters... :whistle: )


This is my hardware:

HP DV4217CL (from the DV4000 series)

1GB Ram

80HHD I think its 5400rpm

15.4 LCD widescreen

Intel 915GM (Integrated) 128MB.

1.73GHz "centrino" Intel Mobile (single core) ONLY SSE2 no SSE3.


So here is my problem!

When I installed the JaS' 10.4.8 installation which works fantastic! I installed the core files (required), X11, Korean language (i'm Korean) Intel 900GM and 950GM "patch"? or just support Canon printer files (I have canon printer) and I installed nothing else.


It installs fine! It works beautifully exception with the 1024 x 768 which is a little blurry on my screen but fine (which this problem I will post to another thread). I mean speed is great, JaS install is recognizing all my RAM, CPU, USB, Firewire, Microphone, Audio, and Ethernet! Just no video but again that's another thing.


So this is my problem. When I first install and boot the first time (where you have to register and everything) it boots up beautifully. But any boots after that will load BIOS fine, load the gray Apple logo fine, goes throught the small text loading thing fine, until it gets to the blue screen where there is a box and a progress bar and will say "OSX is Loading" or somethign like that. The problem is that box never comes up! Its almost like the hard drive dies in middle of boot. But in reality, its OSX that stops reading it.


Sometimes I'd get lucky and it would boot but its really rare.


I think it has to do with KEXT files and permissions so I booted from the JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 DVD once again and went to Utilities->Disk Utility or something like that and I repaired all permissions and repaired the disk. In permissions, it fixed crazily on System/Library/Extensions (I believe this is where all the KEXTs are stored) but it said nothing was neccesary to fix in Disk itself. So I'm like alright! then I reboot with first utility I think its called Bootup Disk or something like that where I choose which disk to boot from. I choose the HHD and I press "Restart" everything is alright. It boots and again, it comes to the blue screen and nothing else appears (No cursor, no "OSX is Loading", no progress bar, no login screen, no nothing!) So I am clueless on where to go about and fix this. And when I reinstall OSX after this happens it won't even go to the registration screen.


Then by this point I would try the Disk Utility from the DVD again but it won't fix anything.


One way this is fixed is if I wipe the hard drive and isntall Linux or XP on it. Then wipe the disk again clean and install OSX. But no I don't want to reinstall different OS twice before wanting to use it and since this is a laptop I need it to be able to restart at will without hiccups.


Could this be a HHD error? OSX error?



Keehun Nam


BTW, I do currently own a 20" iMac and this is for my getting-old laptop that XP is unstable on (virus and that {censored})


And also another side note: I'm not computer il-literate but actually proficient but I must agree that I am il-literate when it comes to Hackintosh.

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You have to search the forum's and get used to doing it.


There are topic's on how to fix the GMA issue's. There are patches for the video card driver. That can be your issue. Or, you might have to do the VGA Dongle trick.


Don't ask for a tutorial.... Search the forum. You can also take a look at the 10.4.8 HCL.(link below)



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Oh. I read about the dongle trick. I didn't know that the fix would apply to this problem. I will give it a go (although I need to find a good wire) and if its solved, I will be most thankful.


I recall the dongle trick was connecting the pin 6 to pin 12 on the VGA port?

What other alternative ways are there? I mean I did that (6-12 pin trick) just like 5 minutes ago and now its working! But I hate how OSX thinks there is an external monitor and I can accidentally drag my icons there which could be a problem (and windows) so I was wondering if there was a "fool-proof" way of fixing this.

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