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applehda patcher woes


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listen, i am having some trouble here getting my soundcard to work on a dell inspiuron 9400. i have read many guides and everything, and I have the AppleHDA patcher as well as the .txt file that I am supposed to drop onto the applehdapatcher icon. every time i drag something onto it, or even try to load up the applehda patcher my green goes transparent grey and tells me in 5 different languages that my computer needs to be restarted and to hold the power key.. well after a couple diffreent versions of the HDA patcher and .txt files it still does the same thing... does anyone know why this is happening??



this is soo frustrating as everyone else i have spoken to with the sigmatel9200 card has no problems and i just dont get why any applehda patcher is crashing my computer and telling me i need to reboot.


please any and all help will be great!




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