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How to get multisampling working in WoW?

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I have for a while had my rig up and running OS X 10.4.9, but I´ve had problems getting multisampling (FSAA) in WoW working.


The problem is that when I enable 2x or 4x multisampling, I see no visual changes like i do in Windows. The wierd thing about this is when i try OpenGL Extensions Viewer with no multisampling and with 4x multisampling, I see a noticable change.


I use the Titan Kext that is included with JaS 10.4.8 on my XFX GeForce 7900 GT.


Could any1 help me if they know anything about this issue?


Any help would be appreciated...

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Same problem here,


I have an ATI 4870 512MBs, using 10.6.6. Wow just doesn't register the AA (multisampling) changes. Whatever the setting you put, it doesnt use it and reverts to x1 when you relaunch it.

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Thats because there is a bug with multisampling and wow. There is a way to keep your multisampling settings in WOW by turning off sunshafts and also turning shadows to fair and water detail to fair.

After you did that set your desired multisampling option in wow and log out or exit game. Log back in and your setting should maintain as it was.

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