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AMD64 with only SSE2 and epox nForce3 ---slow!---


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I work with <os x 10.4.9 amd sse2 ,sse3>

cpu is a winchester core AMD64


the system anf hd are 100% compatible and work fast

but all things around the cpu and the ram performance are so slow that i cant describe...


it works 7 or 10 times slower than a system with the same performance.


what the hell goes wrong?


the same system in vmplayer works normally fast

Bios changes have no result




maybe its the connection bridge between cpu, cache and ram....

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The answer is known in the Forum it is the usb legacy support. the problem is my Board cant disable legacy.

So i have a fast system and no usb, or a verry slow with full support.


mh..... is not the best choice



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