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Sapphire Radeon x800 PCIe deviceID - 554f

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im quite a noob and im tryin to get my


Radeon x800 PCIe devID - 554f runnin.


As i read in OSx86 Forum the 10.4.4 kext´s are needed.


I already installed Callisto 008 (tried out other Callisto´s, no success)

and patched the 10.4.5 kext´s (like koverg patch) as described here

[How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI - InsanelyMac Forum .


The card is recognized as Radeon x800 UO.


I can change resolutions and the display is recognized (Targa Visionary).


The Problem: When i patch the ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin (<string>IONDRVFramebuffer</string> TO <string>CallistoFB</string>) i get a black screen with a mouse. I can move the mouse and the OS is apparently running.


Without patching ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin CI and QE are not supported and with....I dont know, as i dont se a thing :-)


So my next step would be tryin out the 10.4.4 kext´s. I´d be very grantful if someone could send me those files.


Or maybe you can help me in some other way?





forgot this...in case you wanna send them to me >> qwdrrdwq@hotmail.com


thanks again

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