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Quad core Power Hacintosh - thoughts ?

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I have a P4 Hacintosh running on a 3Ghz 3 year old PC.

I have been thinking about upgrading, I want something that looks cool, is almost silent and runs faster than a cut cat.

Although I am not completely frugal - I also don't want to get the best of the best just because it is there.

I wondered how the following seem to ppl:


Kingston HyperX 2048MB 1066MHz DDR2, Non-ECC, CL2, KitX2 (KHX8500D2K2/2G)


(DDR3 ram is too expensive)


Thermaltake Volcano V1 CPU Cooler, 120x25mm, 1300rpm, 3Pin Connector (CL-P0401)





Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 Motherboard, Socket LGA775, FSB 1333 MHz, Dual Channel DDR2, 2x PCIEx16, SATA2, RAID, Gigabit LAN, IEEE 1394a, Quad BIOS, ATX, Crossfire, Vista Ready

(has some cool looking fin things on it)


Zalman 460W ZM460B-APS Noiseless ATX Ver2.03 / ATX12V Ver2.2 20+4pin Power Supply 120mm internal Fan Dual +12VDC Output without power cord

(meant to be quiet)


Intel® Core™2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz, 2x4MB L2, 1066MHz FSB, Socket LGA775, Quad Core (BX80562Q6600)

(meant to be the dux gutz, but do they work as a hackintosh ?)


Samsung Spinpoint HD321KJ 320GB, SATAII, 7200rpm, 16MB Cache

(I have three hard drives in the computer now, i want one quiet cheap hard drive)


XFX nVidia GeForce 7600GT PCIe Fatality Edition 256MB DDR 3, Dual DVI, HDTV, SLI

(has silent heat pipes)


so has anyone got a quad core hacintosh ?

what is a good video card to put in this puppy ? i need to have two screens working + i want silent.


Some may ask what i am using this for ? well web work, web surfing, some home movie stuff, assignments etc.

I also need it to run windows with parallels. i want something i wont need to touch for another three years.


thanks for your opinions



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thought i would give an update.

i bought:

• Gigabyte P35-DQ6 mobo 2 GB ram

• Gigabyte 7600 GS PCI with heat pipes.

• 2 x 320GB seagate SATA HDDs

• 1 x SATA DVD burner

• a zalman cooler and PSU


So what works ?

• Onboard realtek 1GBit LAN

• SATA (needs AHCI to be enabled in BIOS)

• Onboard ALC 889 sound (using Azalia option of BIOS)

• 7600 GS with TWO monitors.


What doesn't work?

• QE and CI (I did have this working before ???)

• RAID support on the HDD.


My plan in buying two 320 GB HDDs was to set up a striped RAID in bios, then use the 640GB HDD to install vista/xp and OSX.

I started with vista and this worked great. But XP didn't see the RAID, and neither did OSX. :P I have been waiting for the new 10.4.9 uphuck release to complete – this may change.

In the end, after installing XP / Vista and OSX more times than I could care to remember I compromised using one HDD for osx and the other for windows. I can't seem to get the Darwin boot loader to work properly, so I just change the boot drive over in BIOS to boot windows natively.

I had parallels seeing the boot disk for winxp, but this stopped working :( but a file-based image for parallels works fine.


Thoughts ?

This thing is fast. :D With four cores it never seems to run out of processors – even compressing two movies simultaneously, each at 30 frames per second any new programs are opened at normal speed.

It is also way quieter than my old pc – but it is not silent. Motherboard/processor temps are running about 50c, so I may need to look at more fans…

Hope this is helpful.


xbench 1.3 results :

Results 143.49

System Info

Xbench Version 1.3

System Version 10.4.8 (8L2127)

Physical RAM 2048 MB

Model ADP2,1

Drive Type ST3320620AS

CPU Test 123.18

GCD Loop 283.26 14.93 Mops/sec

Floating Point Basic 137.28 3.26 Gflop/sec

vecLib FFT 95.94 3.16 Gflop/sec

Floating Point Library 89.00 15.50 Mops/sec

Thread Test 469.62

Computation 423.29 8.58 Mops/sec, 4 threads

Lock Contention 527.34 22.69 Mlocks/sec, 4 threads

Memory Test 176.39

System 152.68

Allocate 125.07 459.31 Kalloc/sec

Fill 162.97 7924.19 MB/sec

Copy 181.22 3743.05 MB/sec

Stream 208.82

Copy 196.21 4052.59 MB/sec

Scale 196.09 4051.12 MB/sec

Add 224.25 4777.11 MB/sec

Triad 222.22 4753.87 MB/sec

Quartz Graphics Test 178.08

Line 142.57 9.49 Klines/sec [50% alpha]

Rectangle 185.45 55.37 Krects/sec [50% alpha]

Circle 177.44 14.46 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha]

Bezier 163.85 4.13 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha]

Text 254.34 15.91 Kchars/sec

OpenGL Graphics Test 174.98

Spinning Squares 174.98 221.97 frames/sec

User Interface Test 446.78

Elements 446.78 2.05 Krefresh/sec

Disk Test 51.82

Sequential 77.75

Uncached Write 140.95 86.54 MB/sec [4K blocks]

Uncached Write 89.90 50.86 MB/sec [256K blocks]

Uncached Read 38.15 11.17 MB/sec [4K blocks]

Uncached Read 142.50 71.62 MB/sec [256K blocks]

Random 38.85

Uncached Write 13.50 1.43 MB/sec [4K blocks]

Uncached Write 90.62 29.01 MB/sec [256K blocks]

Uncached Read 91.23 0.65 MB/sec [4K blocks]

Uncached Read 145.30 26.96 MB/sec [256K blocks]



about this mac:

Hardware Overview:


Machine Name: Mac

Machine Model: ADP2,1

Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo

Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz

Number Of Processors: 2

Total Number Of Cores: 4

L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB

Memory: 2 GB

Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz


GeForce 7600 GS:


Chipset Model: GeForce 7600 GS

Type: Display

Bus: PCIe

VRAM (Total): 256 MB

Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)

Device ID: 0x0392

Revision ID: 0x00a1


CMC 17" AD:

Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz

Depth: 32-bit Color

Core Image: Supported

Main Display: Yes

Mirror: Off

Online: Yes

Quartz Extreme: Supported

Rotation: Supported

CMC 17" AD:

Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz

Depth: 32-bit Color

Core Image: Supported

Mirror: Off

Online: Yes

Quartz Extreme: Supported

Rotation: Supported

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Have a look at an intel "bad axe" board d975xbx2. I'm running a Q6600 stable overclocked to 3.4mhz on air. I can do 3.6 in the wintertime when ambient temps are lower. Nice board, minor tweaks to get sound to work. All else is compatible. Check it out.... Also you could get a 512mb video card too. With a flash of the rom, you can get it to work well. Save you the upgrade in 6 months time... :2cents: oh yes, just remembered, the bios also has a handy F10 key for booting from ANY CD/DVD or Harddisk. So no messing with bootloaders, and you can have one os per drive...

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