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help install the MAC OS X 10.4.9


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hi, everybody, i am newer. i intsalled mac os x 10.4.8 last months. i just said, it is perfect operation system. only single system in my computer now...


i install mac os x 10.4.9 last few days. it is fail tasks. i will detail the problem. somebody kown it... please tell me. thanks....



detail my computer hardware frist:


Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300.

Mainbord: 775, GA-VM800PMC

RAM: DDR533 1G*2

Hard Disk: 80G, 7200prm

AGPcard: 7300GT(256MB)

Creative Xmod USB sound Card



1. i install mac os x 10.4.9 upack v1.3 by DVD-ROM first, if i load the AGP 7300GT driver(here, i try 3 time,diver is titan,natin0.1&0.2), i cannot login to MAC system, here got four language happen.


2. other face, i i never load the AGP7300GT driver, i can login the mac operation system, but the Resolution is 1024*768. i have 22'' LCD, it is big problem...



last time, i try using the natan 0.2 on 10.4.8, the driver support the two displays, it is great to me....i got one 22'' LCD and 19 CTR....



somebody can help me, sorry, my english not perfect....



thanks very much.....

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