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BBC online video service launches

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BBC has launched it's "Flagship" online TV service which allows users to download their favourite programmes from the last seven days.


The "iPlayer", as it is creatively named allows viewers to download a selection of programmes from the last seven days and watch them for up to 30 days afterwards. It is similar to Channel 4's similar service "4OD" which gives access to programmes across their range of channels.


Viewers interested in the iPlayer can register for the service on Friday and will then be invited to join. The number of users will increase over the summer, before a full launch in the autumn.


Don't go signing away just yet though - there are some crippling technical limitations on the service.

  • No Mac support - the minimum specs demand Windows XP SP2 and it needs WMP 10 or above
  • No Linux support - for the same reasons as above
  • It doesn't use modern, decent video codecs, like h.264

In my opinion, the BBC has come up with a very good service, but have crippled it with DRM and no open-source support.


Full story here


There is already an e-petition to get BBC to open it up to other platforms.

The petition is here

Full story here

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