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How to Install OSX86 10.4.8 on AMD64 3200+ ASUS A8N SLI and XFX 6600GT PCIe


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I have the following ISO file:

Mac_OS_X_10.4.8_JaS_AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3_with_PPF1_n_PPF2.iso My Rig Configuration is as below:

CPU: AMD64 3200+

MotherBoard: ASUS A8N SLI Premium

Graphics: 1 x XFX GeForce 6600GT 128MB PCI-Express

RAM: 1GB ( 512MB x 2 )

DVD Writer: Lite-On 16X


-- 1 x 80GB ATA Seagate

-- 2 x 80GB SATA Maxtor


This is how my HardDisk is laid out:


15GB(WIN XP, NTFS) (Primary Partition)

[Rest is extended partition]

|- 35GB ( NTFS )

|- 21GB ( Used by Linux Suse 9.3 )

|- 5GB ( FAT32 )

Free Space: None



20GB (NTFS) (Primary Partition)

[Rest is Extended Partition]

|- 30GB (NTFS)

|- 26GB (NTFS)

Free Space: None



76GB (NTFS) (Primary Partition)

Free Space: None


Yesterday, I burned the iso to a DVD-ROM and just to check if the installer DVD is working i booted my machine with the DVD ROM..... though i have no intention to install it as i have to clean up my ATA drive. When the OSX installer loads up I got a Install Error Dialog.... I am not sure if it is some compatibility issue or just that there was no free Disk Space left on my HDDs.


Today I'll be cleaning my ATA drive and will look soem what like this after i restore my MBR to the one WinXP made earlier before SUSE 9.3's Grub overwrote it.



15GB (WIN-XP, NTFS) (Primary Partition)

Free Space: 61GB

My concern is still with the Installation Error/Fail Dialog. If any one can throw some light on it please let me know.


Also, with the given configuration I have, I shall be grateful if some one can give me a Step-by-Step instruction of the OSX86 installation.




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I Installed OSX86 wit the following option:

- The default Software

- AMD stuff ( i can't remember the actual word )

- Titan - Nvidia NV40


I didn't installed anything other than these even the sound as i wasn't sure which one to use.


My Sound Card is : Realtek ALC850


I got the Mac OS got running ( though without sound ).

iCal is not launching and am not sure what is causing it to fail

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Somebody Please help me out!!!! :)


Please let me know if i missed something during installation or anything i need to do to get things working!!!!!

Also, please tell me how to check if the graphics card driver is working.

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