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Once more: FireWire / IEEE 1394A Card won't work :(

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I got my HackOS-X running just yesterday, did a native installation, everything is running great (Final Cut for example).

Even my ATI Radeon 9800pro is running as intended, fully supported!!!


Because I'm really into editing video, I bought a no-name 25$ PCI FireWire card today:

It's got the Mac seal printed on it and supports OHCI so I suppose it really should work.


When I open the system profiler it says "No PCI-Cards are installed on this Computer", and when I click on "Fire Wire" I just get a blank page.


Many users on this forums said, those cards would work gr8, however, I just don't get that card to work. Even tried another one from my VistaPC, but my OS-X just doesn't recognize them.


When I updated to 4.9 my Radeon refused to work, until I copied over the old .kext from 4.8, so I think, maybe FireWire will work when copying the old .kext over, too.


Are there any .kext files I can use to install some kind of FireWire drivers ? What .kext's are used by OS-X for handling the FireWire cards at all?


(I suppose the card could run if I installed a .kext from an older version as 4.7 or 4.8)




- M.S

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At least I found out that the files OS-X uses to control the FireWire stuff are named:







I'm gonna try to switch the IOFireWireFamily.kext with an older version, I pray that it will work ^^.




It did not work. Still nothing displayed. Maybe somebody has/had the same poblem and is able to tell me a solution?



Yepee, everything working now:


Thanks to this file. It was actually missing completely!

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