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best cohice for me?


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First, my specs:


Dual Core 3.6GHz Prescot 4mb cache

ABIT SG-80 (SiS 661FX-694)

2x1GB Kingston PC2700 3x3x6

integrated ethernet

integrated sound

nVidia GeForce 6200


I have a completely unused hard drive in this pc that I am thinking of putting osx86 on here at work. What would be the best version to choose for me and would I be able to use dual monitors with this 6200? I'm a software developer and I simply can't live without a second monitor... it makes such a difference. The machine should be plenty beefy for OSX I believe.


Could someone make some suggestions? I'm currently doing a ton of research into how best to get my Inspiron 9300 with an x300 128mb card working at home, I've just about cracked it. I'm just hoping someone can help shortcut my learning curve for this machine. :)


Best regards,


JD Smith

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